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Want an easy way for you to raise funds for Figure Skating Club of Bloomington? You don't have to go out and sell anything. You don't have to work at a stand. You don't have to wash a car.
All you have to do is continue to shop on Amazon if you already do...BUT use the link provided below. Every time you shop, a percentage of your purchases will be donated by Amazon right into our club bank account!

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How would you like to have $500-$1000 on your ice contract paid for by just using this program? Its possible if you join! The more you use the more you will save.  You keep 90% of your rebates less shared shipping costs and the FSC of Bloomington keeps 10% as a fundraiser.

Cub, Amazon, Home Depot, Panda Express, Nike and Many More

FSC Bloomington Enrollment Code: EA17868833439 


Some of our members attached these rebate amounts to a contract:
$267.88 $175.83 $105.13 $96.21 $54.51 $68.21 $44.14


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Why is volunteering important?

Volunteering is important as it offers essential help to worthwhile causes, people in need, and the wider community. Figure Skating Clubs Ice Times are Increasing at alarming rates, and to keep prime time and costs low we need volunteers to help our organization run.

So, what are the benefits of volunteering?

Of course, the benefits of volunteering for those receiving help are clear. Whether it’s providing kids a better time to skate, or allowing the coach more time to answer questions.  The benefits to the receiver and the wider community are usually part of the reason why you decide to volunteer in the first place.

But did you realize just how important volunteering could be for the person doing it? In fact, volunteering is beneficial to the doer for a whole host or reasons, including stress reduction, combating depression and providing a sense of purpose. 

1. Volunteering connects you with others.  Simply want to widen your social circle, volunteering in your local community is an important – and often fun – way to meet new people. In fact, one of the best ways to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships is to commit to a shared activity together, and volunteering lets you do just that.

2. Volunteering builds self-confidence and self-esteem

Doing good for others and the community helps to create a natural sense of accomplishment. And working as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity, helping to boost your self-confidence further by taking you out of your natural comfort zone and environment.   Not Just for yourself but for your skater.

Research shows that volunteering could be particularly useful and important in boosting the self-esteem and confidence of adolescents who are just starting out on their life journey. A 2017 study from the University of Missouri and Brigham Young University that included almost 700 11- to 14-year-olds examined how sharing, helping and comforting others affected self-confidence. The study found that altruistic behaviors may indeed raise teens' feelings of self-worth and that adolescents who assisted strangers reported higher self-esteem one year later.

3. Volunteering is important for physical health...

Interestingly, volunteering has distinct health benefits that can boost your mental and – perhaps more surprisingly – physical health. Indeed, a growing body of evidence suggests that people who give their time to others might benefit from lower blood pressure and a longer lifespan. 

A 1999 study showed that ‘high volunteers’ (helping out at two or more organizations) had a 63 per cent lower mortality rate than non-volunteers. And more recent research (2013) from Carnegie Mellon University found that adults over 50 who volunteered regularly were less likely to develop high blood pressure (hypertension) compare to non-volunteers. Hypertension is an important indicator of health as it contributes to stroke, heart disease and premature death.


4. ...and mental health 

When it comes to volunteering being important for mental health, the benefits are clear. It can help counteract the effects of stress, depression and anxiety. Indeed, the social contact aspect of helping others can have a profound effect on your overall psychological well-being.

Volunteering keeps you in regular contact with others and helps you develop a solid support system, which in turn combats against feelings of loneliness and depression. Volunteering with animals has also been shown to improve mood while reducing stress and anxiety


5. Volunteering is important for a sense of purpose 

Because volunteering means choosing to work without receiving monetary compensation, people often choose to give their time to issues or organizations they feel are important or have a special connection to. 

For example, if you're a big animal lover you may want to volunteer at a pet shelter. Or, perhaps you’ve living with or have recovered from an illness and want to dedicate some of your spare time to a charity that helps others living with the same condition. Volunteering like this helps address a social problem that is meaningful to you and in turn helps to build a sense of purpose, which furthermore boosts your own happiness. 

6. Volunteering helps you forget your own problems

One other benefit of volunteering is that focusing on others can give us a deeper sense of perspective and help distract us from negative thoughts and help stop rumination. Volunteering often involves helping those in need and can be useful in showing us that, in fact, our own lives are not as bad as we thought they were. 

7. Volunteering is important for your career

In an increasingly competitive job market, volunteering experience can be incredibly useful. It shows potential employers that you can take initiative and that you’re willing to give your own time to improve the world for other people.

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