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Most of the time when conflict arises, miscommunication is to blame. The FSC of Bloomington Board of Directors is committed to helping with conflict management and has created a Grievance Committee/Process to help move toward resolution. 

The committee resources are available to skaters, coaches, parents and any individual who is in direct contact with club happenings. The committee will be comprised of board members. The committee may also appoint individuals to assist based on a particular situation. Following US Figure Skating Code of Conduct, all skaters/parents and coaches have agreed and signed a contract each year to be respectful, professional and supportive of all members/families involved with FSC of Bloomington. The FSC of Bloomington Board of Directors asks that when a situation arises, the parties involved work together to resolve the problem directly affecting them. Most situations should easily be rectified with good, open communication. 

A party should not solicit help from another parent, coach or skater unless that person is directly involved in the conflict. Doing so can result in continued miscommunication and further harm in rectifying reasonable solutions for all involved and is not the direction nor mission of the FSC of Bloomington Grievance Committee. 

If a skater, coach, parent or other party feels they are unable to resolve a conflict, a formal written grievance may be submitted. The Grievance Committee will read the grievance, meet with the parties involved and offer unbiased resolution for all parties involved quickly, with the best interest of the FSC of Bloomington in mind. 

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