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Pricing for Ice

45 Min Sessions- 

Contracted: Member $11, Associate $12, Guest N/A

Random Buy On's:  Member $14, Associate $15, Guest Skater $16

60 Min Sessions- 

Contracted Member: $14, Associate $15, Guest N/A

Random Buy On's: Member $17, Associate $18, Guest $19

15 Minute Group Ice Sessions- 

Contract and Associate Member:  $5/$6

Random Buy Ons $7/$8

Coupon Books-

Home Club and Associate Members may purchase coupons books to pay for ice.  Good on 45 minute sessions- $130 for Home Club Members  $140 for Associates.  Please see your coach to purchase these at the rink after the contract deadline has passed.

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Ice Contract Purchase and Payment

Bloomington Ice Schedule

Look here for Pro's ice schedule

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Mike Steskal

Mike Steskal

Contract Liaison