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2021 Spring Flower Fundraiser

Beginning this week, March 1-6, FSCB members will receive Wagner‘s Flower Kit forms from their coaches.
>>Click Here For Flower Kit Order Forms <<

>>Click Here For The Poster<<

Please encourage your family and friends to check out the examples of the professional designed plant combinations. The flowers make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!

Wagner’s Flower Kits will be available for pick up in the parking lot at BIG the beginning of May, date to be determined.

Two types of flower kits will be sold.:

Select Kit ($25)   Combo Kit ($30)

Our prices are comparable to big retail garden centers and members who have previously purchased these kits are always impressed with their quality. 

Order forms and money are due in the Flower Fundraiser box located in the coach’s office no later than 6pm MARCH 25th. NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE. All checks payable to FSCB. Plan accordingly to drop off forms before Spring Break Vacations and be sure to take a photo of your order forms before you drop it off.

Wagner’s Flower Kits will be available for pick up in the parking lot at BIG the beginning of May, date to be determined.

Gerianne Ward


FSCB has joined Great Lakes Scrip company to help you fund your ice bill!

How would you like to have $500-$1000 on your ice contract paid for by just using this program? Its possible if you join!  The more you use the more you will save.  You keep 90% of your rebates less shared shipping costs and the FSC of Bloomington keeps 10% as a fundraiser.


FSC Bloomington Enrollment Code:  EA17868833439

***you must sign up for presto pay to participate

Some of our members attached these rebate amounts to a contract:

$267.88  $175.83  $105.13  $96.21  $54.51  $68.21  $44.14

shop with scrip website

click on this to access

Scrip Gift Card Ordering


No physical gift card orders will be placed at this time due to the pandemic: please have all orders shipped directly to your home.  To get started with Scrip or for questions, Please contact Heidi Wulf.

Heidi Wolf

Ice Contracts / Scrips

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Goodshop FSCB

Goodshop FSCB

We are pleased to announce that Figure Skating Club of Bloomington and Goodshop are partnered together to promote excellence in figure skating and deliver great deals and coupons! Now, whenever you use their coupon codes at over 5,000+ online retailers like Skate America, Apple Store, The North Face, and Target, Goodshop will donate a percentage of your purchase to us - at no cost to you! How cool is that?

Kristina Dreis

FSCB Amazon Smile Unique Charity Link

Use this link to shop on Amazon Smile and support FSCB!

Amazon Smile

Want an easy way for you to raise funds for Figure Skating Club of Bloomington? You don't have to go out and sell anything. You don't have to work at a stand. You don't have to wash a car. 

All you have to do is continue to shop on Amazon if you already do...BUT use the link provided below. Every time you shop, a percentage of your purchases will be donated by Amazon right into our club bank account!

Fundraising Requirement

To limit the contract fee increase, our club will rely on fundraising efforts to ensure a balanced budget. As of September 2019 will need to raise an additional $10,000.  In previous years we have successfully raised $$ from the Annual Ice Show, and other community activities; the club will need to raise more $ beyond these efforts to ensure a balanced budget.

It is critical that every skater and skating family contributes to fundraising efforts so that we can minimize our contract fees. The result is that each skater/family will have a minimum fund-raising requirement:

The Annual Fundraising Requirement (July – June)
Free-Skate Level: Preliminary & Below $150
Free-Skate Level: Pre-Juvenile & Above $300
Families with 2 or more skaters will be responsible for $375. Fundraising Policy

▪ All skaters will have multiple opportunities to contribute to fundraising activities.

▪ Each skater’s contribution to fundraising will be tracked by the Club Fundraising Chair and the FCSB Board of Directors.

▪ For Single fundraising efforts, each skater will get credit for 100% of the $ raised. For example, if an individual skater sells $120 worth of Wagner Flowers where 30% (or $40) goes toward fundraising, that skater will get $40 counted toward the annual fundraising goal

▪ For Group Fundraising events (such as Bagging Groceries at Cub), each participant (skater/family member) will share the funds raised. The total amount of $ raised will be divided by the number of participants and the number of hours contributed. For example, if 10 skaters bag groceries at Cub for 2 hrs. each and raise $500, each skater will get credit for $50 toward their fundraising goal.

· If a skater/family falls shorts in all or part of the fundraising requirement by June 30th each year, that member will be required to pay the difference for that member to be considered in good standing with the FSCB.