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Board Meetings

Members and Coaches are welcome to attend board meetings to find out what is going on with the Figure Skating Club of Bloomington. If you have topics for discussion for a board meeting, please contact the president at least one week prior to request additional agenda items. Board meetings are held at the Bloomington Ice Garden 3600 West 98th Street, Bloomington, MN 55431

Board Meeting Minutes and Financial Documents available upon request.

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Made up of parents, former skaters, US figure skating officials and Coaches

Executive Committee

Onia Gelecinskyj.jpg


Competition Chair

Sanction Chair

TCFSA Vice-President

Onia Gelecinskyj

  • Supervision and
    management of the club and its property.

  • Suspend any member for violating the
    bylaws or regulations of the club,

  • Ensuring the club’s goals and mission are being
    supported by the board

  • Working with appropriate members to oversee
    the budget and club’s finances

  • Leading the board during and outside board meetings

  • May call special meetings

  • Sanction Chair is responsible tomake sure that events being sponsored by the club aresanctioned,  This includes competitions andperformances.

Reiley photo.jpg


Membership Chair

Kathy Reiley

  • Assist the president in the discharge of his/her duties
    and in the president’s absence to assume his/her duties and
    officiate in his/her stead.
    Other specific duties include:
    • Lead board meetings if president is absent
    • Support the president in strategic planning

  • Assist in applications for membership to the club.
    • Update address changes for club members
    • Distribute information to prospective members

FSCB Button (1).png


Melissa Guiney

  • Keep the minutes of the meetings of the club and of the Board of Directors and supervise all reports.
    • Supervise correspondence of the club
    • Reserve rooms for all meetings 
    • Responsible for club handbook updates
    • Notify U.S. Figure Skating of club officer and board changes

FSCB Button (1).png


Josie Fix

  • Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of
    the club and shall keep a record of all receipts
    and disbursements
    and render a written report when requested by the president or Board of Directors.
    Other specific duties include:
    • Pay out reimbursements
    • Keep track of checkbook
    • Report to president on finances
    • Be responsible for handling tax issue of club or
    for finding a resource to handle these issues
    • Help in budgeting process for the club and present to board for approval
    • Help provide a checks and balance system for
    the club’s finances
    • Make bank deposits and do all bank dealings
    • Understand nonprofit organization financial

Board Members


Membership / Jr. Club

Autumn Durbin

  • Assist in the transition of skate school skaters over to full club members

  • Update address changes for club members

  • Distribute information to prospective members

Michele McGee.jpeg

Ice Contract Liaison

Michele McGee

  • Meet with ice rink management, coaches contract and treasurer

  • Propose a schedule to
    the board appropriate for the time of year

  • Enter contract into the current online software

  • Update Coupons

  • Rectify Accounts as needed with treasurer


Fund Raising and Resource Development

Wally Gelecinskyj

  • Oversee and delegate campaigns to
    assist in raising funds for the club.

  • Help Guide the process that is focused on
    Resource development

  • Engage our local
    community and other stakeholders in deliberately building our program and club capacity

  • Work with volunteer coordinator to set up needs to be entered into the software


Test Chair

Katrina Balvance

  • Planning, executing and reporting of each test


Skate Safe

Kathryn Reiley

  • Ensures the club compliant with current SkateSafe policies and
    procedures, serves as the club’s primary SkateSafe contact for
    U.S. Figure Skating and oversees the implementation of
    educational programs for all club members, their
    parents/guardians and coaches.

  • SkateSafe Compliance Chair performs other
    functions as necessary to fulfill U.S. Figure Skating’s
    continuing efforts to foster a safe, healthy and positive
    environment for its members
    and all participants.

Turntable Button.gif

Social Media Coordinator


  • Update Posts On Social Media

  • Contact Media Outlets for High Profile Events

  • Look for Creative Content to Keep Audience Engaged 


Cloud Network / WEB Admin


  • Update Web Site

  • Keep Cloud Network Up To Date

  • Keep Links Active

  • Verify Domain(s) Activity

  • Update Emails

Wobble Button.gif

Club Service / Volunteer


  • Enter Required Schedule For Volunteer

  • Track their required hours

  • Report Hours To Board

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