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Pathway to Club Membership

Skate School

Skate School is a great place to start your skating career! We have year-round classes for all ages and skills levels and is designed to develop the basic skills necessary for all skating disciplines.

Skate school is run through the City of Bloomington. For more information, visit, call 952-563-8841, or email Skate School Director (and FSCB coach) Rene Gelecinskyj at

Junior Club:

Junior Club gives your skater the opportunity to learn skills at a faster pace, to be introduced to what being in club is about and all the membership benefits. Skaters and parents are also able to meet home club coaches and see who they might want to take private lessons from and come into club with. Skaters are able to take lessons with all home club coaches and see who they work well with and like on home club sessions.

For more information about Junior Club, email Autumn Durbin at


Joining a club is an important step in a figure skater’s life, as this becomes your training home. Once a skater is ready to take official U.S. Figure Skating tests or compete in competitions beyond Learn to Skate USA levels, joining a club becomes necessary. At the FSCB we host test sessions, an annual competition, an Ice Show and have club ice that your skater can contract and skate on with other USFS members and high-level coaches. We also have many fundraising events, social activities, a banquet, and other fun activities as a club.

For more information about joining Club, email Kathy Reiley at

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