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Contract additions and switches after the contract deadline of MUST be cleared with the contract liaison (contact the Contract Liaison using link to the right) BEFORE you begin the online process or you will be responsible for any processing fee's.  The prices for the sessions are for the full contract period and an adjustment needs to be entered into your account.


- Home club skaters must contract 2 sessions to remain a member in good standing.  Introductory skaters must contract 1 session to remain in good standing.


-Payments are available using a debit or credit card.

-You will be charged the day you contract.  Full or a 3 payment options are available.  If paying 3 payments, 34% will be charged the day you submit your contract with payments then 33% due 1/3 way through the contract  and last 33% due the beginning of the last 1/3.    

Installment "auto charging" will be implemented this contract

with member opt-out option.

With the Opt Out Option -You will receive reminder emails before 2nd and 3rd payments are due.  It is your responsibility to make these payments before the 1st of the month.  Late payments can result in your skater being asked to leave any contracted ice sessions.  Late fee is $20.00

-Coupon books must be paid in full at time of purchase.  If you want to purchase a coupon book after the deadline, you may do so by seeing your coach at the rink and paying with a check. 

-CONTRACT DEADLINE will be communicated via email prior to contract start date.  Late fee is $20.00


- If you would prefer to pay for ice time with a check please contact our contract liaison.

-As always, please communicate with your coach regarding the sessions you will be contracting.  They will not receive a copy of your contract via Entryeeze.

Michele McGee

Ice Contract Liaison

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